Soil Testing Services

Soil Testing Services

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In Soil Testing Services, we analyse soil samples for soil salts, pH, and nutrient levels in the soil for identifying its suitability for agriculture, needs. In these services, we help in testing overall health of the soil. We conduct soil resistively tests as well as water analysis in construction sites to geological survey for water. The services are used for Theodolite Survey works, shear resistance analysis, concrete mix designs and batterer limits. Apart from these, the Soil Testing Services are demanded for grain size analysis, Procter compaction, penetration tests both field and lab, compression test, sieve analysis and material testing lab.


  • It helps in determining if inferior/cheaper substance has electrical resistivity of soil
  • This is performed through testing soil physical properties like its structure, fluid composition and water content
  • It is also an attractive tool for describing subsurface properties without digging